“Art is everywhere it’s up to you how you present it”. –ISH
Tattooing Has been for many Year or even Decades, ISH’s Vision for Tattooing is to give every Client a Custom Piece of Art that not only Is Beautiful but has a Soul of it’s Own .

For Ish Tattooing Should be Something Personal and Unique for each individual person, Since each individual has its own characteristic and personality, the tattooing artist should be able to produce or understand who his client is before making the custom piece.

ISH will not make Copies of downloaded art nor Pictures of Tattoos previously done by other artist since he would not like it if his Custom work be Copied.

(in the section of contacts you can send ISH an e-mail with any Ideas you may have).

Thank you and hope you Enjoy my Work!
Ish Schuurbiers

Note: Please if you have any Critiques of my work feel free to enter your comments on the Contacts links.

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Thank you

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