IMPORTANT!!!!! Please read before contacting ME!!
These recommendations are to be used with your new tattoo and it is very important to remember that. I can do an Awesome Tattoo for you, but if you don't follow these steps all my work would be lost! ISH

The first 4 days:

As soon as you get home you should remove the Plastic wrap and wash the Tattoo, get all the necessary things before actually touching the tattoo, for example, Soap, Clean kitchen towel (preferably Bounty) And A+D ointment, Aquaphor, bepanten, helosan or Bacitracin Ointment and cold water.!

Get the water running, sprinkle some of that water on the wound, to make it a little wet, rinse your hands with water and mix them with the soap, creating a layer of soap on your hands.
Now in a circular motion gently apply the Soap on the skin where the tattoo area is, this should be done thoroughly for about 3 min, you will feel the tattoo is very slimy, thats because it has dry blood and Plasma which will be removed the first time you clean it, after washing it, Rinse the tattoo with some cold water, this will allow the pours to close rapidly.

Grab your kitchen towel(preferably Bounty) and path dry the wound until its completely dry.

Let it breath for about 10 min!

Add some A+D Ointment or Aquaphor on your clean hands and try to cover the entire tattoo then cover with the plastic wrap!

This should be done for the next 4 days (3 times daily) minimum!!!


After 4 days that the tattoo has started to peel, it will remain covered for 1 more extra day.
After the 4 days, leave tattoo uncovered but cleaning it 3 times a day as well.

Without wrapping you will use the following:

moisturizing your
tattoo for the remainder of your healing process.

This formula was designed
to safely moisturize and protect your healing tattoo and keep it looking the
way it was intended.

Moisturize your skin until it has completed the healing process!

Your tattoo will create a small scab or not at all. Please DO NOT get nervous or go into cardiac arrest, be PATIENT since your body will take its time to accept the ink in your body!

No SUN or SWIMMING is allowed for the period of 2 weeks, in order to prolong the quality and color of your tattoo, after healed you should ALWAYS use SPF 50 on your tattoo to protect it from the UV rays of the SUN!

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