Welcome to this site hope you enjoy ISH’s Art work and related Passions!

ISH was born on a small Island in the Caribbean called Curacao. This Island is part of the Netherlands Antilles, which is a Dutch Colony from the country Holland.

With only a couple of years under his belt...!!

ISH is a self taught Artist. His Artistic Foundation transcends from various forms of Education, Culinary Arts, Architecture education,Surreal Art, Digital Art, Airbrushing and many more. Even your normal daily things would inspire him and also help him in the creation of these Amazing Pieces of Art called Tattoo. A Permanent Stain that will last a lifetime. Ish has also studied the techniques of Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, DaVinci and Micheal Angelo among many others.

For now his true calling lies in the Art of Tattooing. Ish Specializes in realism, either color or Black and Grey. Most of his work is custom, freehand and involves a lot of preparation by the Collectors part and by ISH, as he calls it a "Collaboration by the Individuals involved" A lot of people ask us "What about Small tattoos"? well its simple he is willing to do a good Tattoo period, as long as the Collector is 100% sure that this is what they want. Of course Ish would do it to the best of his abilities.

Feel free to contact ISH through his Email or Schedule a appointment for one of his Shows! ISH travels all around the world to tattoo conventions. If you would like to get tattooed at one of them you can check the main page out for more info and make an appointment through his EMAIL. Tattooing at conventions is based on first come first served!

ish@tattooish.com or (FACEBOOK) Tattooish, we are also on instagram

Thank you and Good Luck with your Tattoo!

Ish Assistant

"Thanks to everyone for all your support!" ISH

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